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The responsibility of Easy Tour China is limited. Services provided in connection with our itineraries are rendered by suppliers acting as independent contractors and not as agents or employees of Easytour.

Easytour shall not be held responsible for any wrongful or negligent acts or omissions by any supplier or other party not directly owned or controlled by Easytour, or by the failure of any equipments operated by any such supplier or other party they represent, and in consequence accept no responsibility for accidents, damages, baggage losses, and/or delays due to weather, acts of God, act of government or authorities, wars, strikes, criminal acts committed by third parties, theft, pilferage or to faults or defaults of any company used for carrying out these tours.

Although Easytour anticipates no changes in the itineraries or accommodations, . as shown herein, the right is reserved to make any changes with or without notice due to unforeseen circumstances that might become necessary in the best interest of the tour. In such cases any additional expenses must be borne by tourists.

Easytour reserves the right to accept any person as a member of any group at any time or to require any person to withdraw from a tour if his/her acts of behavior are considered offensive or incompatible with the comfort of other members.

Easytour shall be exempt from the liability of faulty, inferior or non-delivery of any items purchased by tour passengers during their trip.

Upon receipt of our clients' deposit, it indicates our clients have understood and accepted the above-mentioned terms and conditions of Easytour services.

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