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- 3-day Xian Tour
Guilin introduction, China travel Guilin Introduction
- 3-day Guilin Tour
Shanghai introduction, tour China Shanghai Introduction
- 3-day Shanghai Tour
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China travel tours

China Package Tours is proud of delivering best-selected tours to our clients. We classify them into 5 major categories. Each category offers 2 sample tours for your reference, as we don't want to create tons of different routes to bombard our potential clients and confuse them. Our patient and responsive specialists will be with you finding out what suits you best for your future visit to China!

China Historical and Cultural Tours

China Historical and Cultural ToursChinese people have shared a common successive culture longer than any other nationalities on Earth. Easy Tour China will make your dream come true by offering you an experience to discover the country.

8 days China Golden Triangle

(From US$1150)

11 days China highlights tour

(From US$1580)

Yangtze River Cruise Package

Yangtze River Cruise PackageA leisurely way to appreciate the historical and cultural attractions along the longest river in Asia, which is regards as 鈥渢he Mother River鈥 - the cradle of Chinese civilization. The Three Gorges and controversial mammoth Dam are fantastic attractions.

11 days Golden triangle with Yangtze cruise

(From USD1780)

15 days China Impression with Yangtze cruise

(From US$2650)

China Cultural and Minority Discovery Tours

China Cultural and Minority Discovery ToursCultural diversities and colorful minority lives are always the charming themes for the international tourists to China. Our popular tour packages will cater to your needs in this field.

16 days China Southwest Exploration

(From US$2460)

20 days China Odyssey Tour

(From US$3100)

Tibet Impression:

Tibet ImpressionThe mystery of Tibet has long been stirring up the interests of outsiders to step on the 鈥淩ooftop of the world鈥. Before its original lifestyle is fading away, hurry up to see the authentic Tibetan religious lives as well as the stunning highland landscape.

13 days China highlights with Lhasa

(From US$2250)

26 days China Adventure including Tibet

(From US$3360)

Adventure in China :

Adventure in ChinaChina is never a letdown to those intrepid tourists, who intend to find their ways to see the off-the-beaten-track stuff in the country. With our assistance, language barrier, cultural shock, and any other unease during your traveling to China can be predictable and solvable.

15 days Silk Road Adventure at soft grade

(From US$2900)

14 days China History Tour by train

(From US$1200)

New Spots Recommendations:

Guizhou minority adventure

In Guangxi and Guizhou provinces, there are dozens of ethnic groups that haven't been spoiled by the tourist industry. Due to inaccessibility in the past, the local minorities had very few contact with the outside world, still retaining their traditional life styles. Now as Chinese government is focusing on development of western provinces, it is for sure that a dramatic change will be seen in these areas. However, maybe it is a pity that the original lifestyle of these people will gradually fade out. Why Guizhou?   Joint promotion with Trax2 at IMTA Conference 2008

Adventuring with Mountain Tribes (Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Shui & Dong)


Fujian Earth Building, china tour

Mystic Min Nan-South of Fujian Province. Described by Marco Polo in 13th century, one of the largest and most commodious ports of the world, Quanzhuo boasts glorious past and deep-rooted cultural heritage. Xiamen, traditionally known as Amoy in the West, is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in China ...... More info>>


Guangxi minority adventure, china tours

For some reasons, most parts of Guangxi Province are enigmatically unexplored by western travelers. But it does offer fascinating attractions and fun activities. Let us unveil the mystery of the region to you ......
More info >>


Pingyao Chinese history adventure, china tours

First built in the reign of King Xuan (827 鈥 782 B.C.) of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Pingyao is a small town in central Shanxi Province. Up to now, the town is still well preserved the same as when it was the county seat of the Ming and Qing dynasties. ......
More info >>


A special offer of China train tour

China has the third largest rail network in the world. It amounts to 72,000 km in length, and still keeps on fast extending every year. Railways connect all the major cities and towns, especially in the eastern part of the country. Although Chinese trains lack of luxury and comforts, it is still a choice for many adventurous travelers from ourside the country.
A special offer of China train tour as low as US$1080pp!
More info >>

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