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Fujian location at China mapFujian province is located in the southeast of China, staring directly across the straits into Taiwan. Centuries ago it has opened arms to outsiders like Arab and European traders, which made it the prime time in Yuan Dynasty (13th century). Best maritime museum in China, fantastic puppet show, thousand-year-old Temples and Mosque, piano isle with colonial-style European architecture, Hakka's earthen fortress constitute colorful and diversified culture of Southeastern China.


Quzhou photoZaytun – The Alexandria of Asia, Marco Polo said that Quanzhou, the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road, was the world's greatest port, rivaling Egypt's Alexandria. The Venice sailor was said to have visited Quanzhou, which Arabs called “Zaytun”—a homonym for “olive,” and the symbol of peace and prosperity (and from which we got the word 'satin'). Zaytun's harbor was a forest of ships' masts as barbarian merchants traded jewels and spices for fine Chinese silks, porcelain and tea. But Zaytun was also the Jerusalem of Asia, and Fujianese embraced a vast variety of religions: Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Manichean, Nestorian and Catholic Christian – “World Museum of Religion” dubbed by UNESCO.

Highlights of Quanzhou:

The Puppet Capital of China

Quanzhou puppet show, ChinaPuppetry is rooted in Chinese culture – a tradition began nearly 2000Quanzhou puppet show, China years ago, and the city of Quanzhou is renown for making and performing puppets (and marionette). Quanzhou was selected to host the International Puppet Festivals in 1986, 1990 and 2000 for one good reason: the homeland of Chinese marionette. Jinxiuzhuang Art Store with its Puppet Showroom is a must-see for all the puppet show goers.

Kuaiyuan Buddhist Temple

Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple, QuanzhouThe largest Buddhist temple in Quanzhou can date back to 686AD.Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple, Quanzhou The temple has an airy, stone-paved courtyard, which is flanked by the impressive East and West Pagoda surrounded by Buddhist niches of both Chinese and Indian styles. The main hall contains five large, gilded buddhas and on the ceiling above them are peculiar flying apsaras – a celestial beings similar to angels. During its heyday in Song Dynasty, it is said that more than 1000 monks lived in it.

Quanzhou Maritime Transportation History Museum

Quangzhou Maritime Transportation History MuseumThe Museum was first built in Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple in 1959, exhibiting a wooden sailing vessel said to be from 12th or 13th century discovered in Quanzhou Bay in 1973 – a good example of just how far advanced Chinese shipbuilders were compared to their counterparts in Europe. And the new building opened in 1991, which has seven stories and is designed like a sailboat. The bilingual exhibits showcase China marvelous maritime achievements. It is definitely a good place to learn about the China ancient sea trade and cultural exchanges with outside world.

Qingjing Mosque

Qingjing Mosque, QuanzhouIt is ranked as one of the three oldest mosques in China, which has witnessed the history of the city almost 1000 years. It is very unique in South-eastern China for being purely Middle Eastern in design. Inside there is a well-organized exhibition hall with English captions details the history of Arab presence in Quanzhou. It is said that even the great prophet Mohammad sent two of his disciples to have a Chinese footing for his newly established religion.

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