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Minority adventures

Mountain Tribe Tour (Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Shui & Dong Tribes)

Tour highlights:
1. Longsheng and Dazhai-spectacular rice terraces on huge mountains, Zhuang and Yao lifestyles
2. Sanjiang-a masterpiece of Dong architecture: Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge
3. Yangxi-a marvelous harmony with three different tribes living in the same village (community)
4. Tang'an-regarded as an anthropological and ecological museum
5. Zhanoxing -the largest Dong village in China with a rich collection of traditions
6. Xiajiang-wandering in spectacle of colors in the local market
7. Paika-household producers of the soul of music: Lusheng

Day 01
Longji Rice TerracesDrive (2.5hrs) from Guilin to Longji Mt. top village of Ping'an. Longji, meaning Backbone of the Dragon, is a short mountain range stretching around 50km, joining South Ridge of China to the north, protects the mountain tribes from the easy attack of outsiders. Around 500 years ago, immigrants of various tribes began to settle here building it into an earthly paradise. Trekking along stone trails to Dazhai Yao village. (about 4-5hrs).
                         Overnight at Dazhai Village Guesthouse.

Day 02
Chengyang, SanjiangWalk down hill to car park and drive onward to Sanjiang (2hrs). Sanjiang, meaning the confluence of 3 rivers, is the political hub of surrounding Dong tribes. Proceed to Chengyang Bridge for lunch. Chengyang, made up of 8 villages, offers a chance to observe the local people' life. Afternoon take a walk through the villages around with possible family visits.
Overnight at Chengyang Guesthouse.

Day 03
Sanjiang to GuizhouDrive from Chengyang to Heli and visit the Dong King Temple. This is a legendary site of "Night man Kingdom", which has been recorded in many Chinese epics since Han Dynasty 2000 years ago. Proceed to Yangxi for uphill trekking (4-5hrs) to visit Yao, Miao and Dong three tribes coexisting peacefully in one community. 
Overnight at Yangxi Guesthouse with basic accommodations.

Day 04
traditional Chinese loomDrive from Yangxi to Tang'an Dong village. Tang'an, a good example of human living harmoniously in an agroecosystem, has been listed as an eco-museum by the joint efforts of Guizhou provincial government and Dr. John Aage Gjestrum, a leading museologist in Norway. After visit to this village, we will start trekking down to Zhaoxing (2-3hrs). 
Overnight at Zhaoxing Guesthouse with basic accommodations.

Day 05 
Dong girlsDrive on to Rongjiang. Stop over at Xiajiang market. During the market day, minority ladies in their traditional colorful costume come here buying articles for daily uses. Visit Miao and Shui Tribe Village and have a walk around Rongjiang.
Overnight at Rongjiang Hotel.

Day 06 

farmer planting rice Rongjiang-Leishan drive. You will be amazed by the dazzling sliver costume of short skirt Miao ladies at Datang. Being the 4th largest minority group in China, Miao well-maintains their deep-rooted custom and heritage from ancestors. During their traditional festivals, many celebrations are sponsored in the town. 2-3 hours trekking required. (Estimated driving time: 6hrs)
Overnight at Leishan Hotel

Day 07 
a Miao boy in festival costume Leishan-Kaili drive. Visit a Miao village famous for making musical instruments-Lusheng popular among South-China mountain tribes at a family-based workshop. Then proceed to Kaili and visit a local museum boasting a large collections of minority handicrafts.
Overnight at Kaili Hotel

Day 08
silver ware of MiaoKaili-Tonggu (30 kms). A village well known for Miao paintings with their specific tastes and aesthetics, which have been introduced successfully to some other countries. Then transfer to Guiyang for the flight to next stop.


1. Basic accommodations do not have toiletries (tooth brush sets, towels, sandals, soap, shampoo), air-conditioner (usually electric fan instead) or private toilet (shared toilet instead, in Yangxi it is Chinese style). But usually laundry can be done with washing machine. 
2. We highly recommend some sort of backpack luggage while taking this trip. A good "thumb of rule" is to pack whatever you plan to have, then take half of it. 
3. Physical requirements: Under the limited conditions such as basic accommodations and country road trekking, etc., you are suggested to prepare outdoor outfits and some medications. The time of trekking each day lasts no more than 5 hours as specified.
4. During different minority festivals, the tours can be customized to meet the clients' specific interests. 

Flexible departure, and the price starts from USD$590!

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